Ocean Cleanup Finally Picking Up Trash.

After several trails, Ocean Cleanup has finally successfully started to collect ocean waste. The Dutch company started out with media success, but one of their first prototypes came undone when to much waste collected.

As of Oct 2, 2019, the start-up company named Ocean Cleanup by Boyan Slat collected enough trash to be considered successful.

Slat jokingly asks, “anyone missing a wheel?” There are millions of wheels in the world that have been discarded. Plenty of which are in the ocean floating around.

As you can tell, there are tons of debris and trash in the ocean. The Ocean Cleanup project can collect several tons of this stuff at a time before being dumped. Their next goal is to add even more storage so the device named System 002 can be cleaned only twice a year.

Boyan started this project when he was only 18 years old. “Our team has remained steadfast in its determination to solve immense technical challenges to arrive at this point,” said Slat.

Determination and persistence really does get things done. Thank you Slat and the team at Ocean Cleanup for making devices that will keep our oceans clean.

If you’re looking forward to supporting a business cleaning up the oceans, 4Ocean is a company that uses recycled plastics from their cleanups to make bracelets. Each purchase helps pay to collect 1lb of plastic from the ocean.

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Source: Eco Watch.

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