Mine PI Crypto Currency on Your Phone!

Everyone knows about crypto currency now and how you can mine it, but did you know you can mine Pi crypto currency on your phone? Using statics and value probabilities, Pi wants to be the main crypto currency that can be mined on phone. You can now literally mine a crypto currency on your phone! But how does it work & is it trust worthy? I’m sure you’re asking this question, read to the end of the article to find out!

How can You Mine Pi Crypto Currency?

You download the Pi app and confirm that you existed today by clicking the “Mine Pi” button. If you’d like to sign up, you can use my invitation code: Undefined and get 1 free Pi. Currently Pi on private exchanges is worth $100 per Pi. So by signing up, you’d have $100 dollars to use on those private exchanges. Anyways, Pi works on a proof of existence concept that gives value to human existence just based off of that.

Is Pi Actually Real?

Pi is created by Stanford graduates in the aim to add value to human existence. At least that’s what I was told when I first downloaded this app. Now they say it’s a “peer-to-peer” network that uses humans as part of the trust issue. Like every other cryptocurrency, they say having a blockchain and ledger is important, blah, blah safety blah. But what’s really important is that security on blockchains and ledgers already exist. I want the value of giving humanity value back. Pi used to say something “prove that you exist” in order to mine their currency. I think providing value for being human in this era of AI is way for important than another peer-to-peer crypto currency.. because there are thousands.

What are these Exchanges You can use Pi Crypto Currency on?

The main one is a Discord group called The Pi Lifestyle where you can exchange 1 Pi for $100 in value. There is a fee of 10 Pi first month and 5 Pi the months after. If you don’t pay the Pi back when it finally and truly live, you will be blacklisted in the Pi community.

So is it Good Idea to Invest in Pi?

Yes! If its only clicking a button once a day what’s the harm of seeing it through? Wasting a few seconds to prove you are human isn’t bad. And there’s a limited time to mine. Mining ends when they reach a threshold of 1 billion pioneers. So now is the time! With 15 million+ pioneers, the team keeps growing and growing. Use my code: undefined to receive one Pi and add me to your security circle so you can mine at a higher rate! See you soon.

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Man Bet Penis to Prove Two Diseases Were the Same

This man bet his own penis by injecting himself with a mysterious yellow discharge. Not knowing what was in the discharge, he punctured holes in his body and filled them with the yellow liquid. Then he told the world that he figured out two diseases were the same… hint… they’re not!

Bet His Penis

Why Did He Bet His Penis?

He wanted to see if gonorrhea and syphilis were the same disease. This lead him to testing a mysterious yellow liquid on his own penis and then publishing his findings as fact. For 50 odd years people believed his statements as fact. Humans are so interesting, they would rather believe the words of a documented scientist that put yellow goo in his penis rather than testing as a community. Either way, he was wrong and actually contracted both diseases from the yellow goo.

Bet His Penis

Who Was The Man Who Bet His Penis?

John Hunter is the name of the surgeon who injected himself with a mysterious yellow penis goop. Grew up poor in 1728, life was different without modern science. In 1767 he did this penis experiment which has put him in the half of fame of weird experiments. This means he was 39 when he cute open his… you know what… and filled the holes with a mans supposably gonorrhea yellow discharge.

Why Didn’t He Use Someone Else’s Penis?

Well he could have, and used studies from visual and symptoms of patients who already had this liquid. Some scholars believe that he did use someone else penis but the majority of people do not. I would not put it past a human to do something weird like this, but I would hope he didn’t and did just test others who already had it. However his posted studies are wrong sooo… maybe he was just mad and put a random yellow goo in his penis. Then published the results.

Would You Dare To Bet Your Genitals?

From past experiences, protect your genitals. Don’t test or try anything that’s not safe and tested. Wrap your willy if you’re playing around and don’t do something stupid. It’s good to be cautious of your stuff especially since its our only way to reproduce on this planet currently.

What do you think? Is it a good idea to inject yourself with yellow liquid? Leave your comments bellow.

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Credit: I Fucking Love Science.

Forests on Caffeine: A Grow Project in Costa Rica

Coffee can do incredible things, like make us have more energy, keep us warm in the morning & is packed with nutrients. But have you ever thought of forests on caffeine? Well these scientist in Costa Rica have! Caffeine isn’t really the thing that helps the plant have super growth. To find out what it is, read to the end of the article.

Forests on Caffeine

How Forests on Caffeine Worked.

These scientist made sure to have a control, this way we can see how the forest would grow naturally. In 3 years time, the forest grew exponentially. While the control barely grew at all. It’s been a whirlwind seeing how humanity can help grow this world back. Humans have a way of making this planet a better place, we just have to test and work together making it easy and more green for everything.

How They Made Forests on Caffeine.

Around 30 truckloads of used coffee grounds were shipped to cut down land in Costa Rica. On this land they split it up and made a control area where no coffee grounds were place. The test lot was filled with coffee and then waiting began. It took 3+ years, but the results are amazing!

Forests on Caffeine

Was it Worth it?

I believe the research and value obtained by this experiment are irreplaceable. Finding out that used coffee grounds helps regrow forest areas can help so many areas. Here in the United States we drink so much coffee and our waste is probably 30 truck loads a second. We can use that waste to help develop forested areas and bring some much needed shade and water to the USA.

What Made the Forest on Caffeine Actually Work?

I bet you’re wondering how it actually was able to help the forest grow. It’s definitely not actually “forests on caffeine” that is making it grow. The answer is actually super simple, its a forest on Nitrogen! Coffee grounds are filled with nitrogen and forest areas that have been depleted from resources love a good dose of the good stuff. Nitrogen and Carbon are needed to make compost, aka good soil. Sometimes too much coffee grounds can be a bad thing because of too much nitrogen. So make sure you mix some dead leaves or other carbon material in with the coffee!

Forests on Caffeine

Would you use coffee to help grow your plants? I know I have and I will do it again. If you want grounds for yourself, you could ask your local coffee shop and they may save some in a box for you. Do you think using coffee grounds to regrow forest areas is a good or bad idea? Leave your opinions in the comment section below.

Source: EcoWatch.

Eco-Friendly Floating Hotel to be Built in 2025.

Not much is known about the Eco-Friendly Floating Hotel, but we do know that this is one of the most incredible designs to date! From wind turbines to spinning bases, this hotel can power itself. It hosts pools and balcony views. This hotel is definitely a destination point!

Build Time of the Eco-Friendly Floating Hotel.

Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio is set to build this hotel. The design studio is located in Turkey and the hotel is set to be built in Qatar. In 5 years time this firm wants to bring us one of the most futuristic hotels in the world! Do you believe this? I’m having a hard time thinking they can, but with support and valid ideologies anything is possible!

Electricity in the Eco-Friendly Floating Hotel.

The Eco-Friendly Floating Hotel produces its own power via rotating base & wind turbines. Everyone pretty much know how wind turbines work, but a rotating base… that poses some questions. The push and pull of the water mixed with architectural & engineering wonder, causes the base to rotate & produce energy for the hotel. The Design Studio say it wouldn’t be enough power to run the building so they also have wind turbines, 55 of them to be exact.

How else is it Eco-Friendly?

Rotating bases and wind turbines aren’t enough for this hotel to be eco-friendly. They will also use food waste as fertilizer for landscaping. It will also treat the waste water so it can be release into the water without harming the environment. Hopefully all of these things are true when this hotel is released!

Other Features of the Eco-Friendly Floating Hotel.

If this hotel isn’t cool enough already, it doesn’t have to stay in one place. Thats right, it MOVES! This floating eco-friendly hotel can go to any location and exist there. With 152 guest rooms, each with their own balcony, you can enjoy this hotel when it arrives in your location. You can arrive at the hotel mid water as well. In order to board you would have to come via helicopter or boat.

Would you like to stay in this hotel? I know I would! Write some of your likes and concerns about this hotel in the comment section below!

Source: Insider

Black Ash Volcano Vineyard

The Volcano Vineyard is the most unique agriculture wonder geared toward grapes grown in volcanic ash. Because the environment is so unique, they must dig ditches for the grape roots to reach more fertile soil while also being water conservative.

Volcano Vineyard

Really, this is beautiful, so different than most practices. This method works in so many places, not just the volcano vineyard of Canary Island. Doing the method in the desert or mountains would produce similar results. Most similar environment would be the desert. In sandy soil, the further you go down, the cooler it goes and the more likely you’ll find water to support your plants life.

It’s incredible to see something so unique here on this planet. It is simply artistic and practical. Being able to combine those two facts, art & practicality, they have made something truly beautiful. Uniqueness in so important in the world of bland same things. We can make our gardens and agriculture projects look like art, and there are plenty of places that do. Theres tulips that are grown in rainbows rows and even ground in pictures. In Japan they grow rice in pictures and tourists come around to take pictures before harvest time.

Volcano Vineyard

We as humans can create beautiful things but still make sure they have practically. Being comfortable with sole industrialism is not nature at all. Of course we can make nature practically in an industrial way, just like this vineyard. It may be time to change industrialism more like nature.. in fact car companies are already doing it, check out the Vision AVTR by Mercedes!

How do you feel about changing our agricultural practices to look a little beautifuller [not a word]? Should we make nature more industrial? Leave a comment below of your opinion.

Credits: Traces of History and Archeology and Art.

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New Jellyfish Found: Duobrachium Sparksae Comb

2020 was a time of brand new experiences, including brand new species. One species, in particular, being the rare Duobrachium Sparksae Comb Jellyfish. A branch of jellyfishes called comb jellyfish, are oddly shaped and generally ranges from millimeters to 1.5 meters. They don’t sting but have light shows going on inside of their body.

Duobrachium Sparksae

Newly added to the comb jellyfish family are the Duobrachium Sparksae. Founded in 2020 by an unmanned deep-sea explorer. NOAA Fisheries research team launched the submarine and discovered the jelly back in 2015, but it was added this November. The cute, bright, little thing was found to have all the right features, and considered to be a part of the Comb Jelly family!

Duobrachium Sparksae

Eight rows of teeth, no stingers, bioluminescent are all traits that make this beautiful jellyfish a comb jelly. However, this one moves differently.

Duobrachium Sparksae

It looks like a floating tooth in the middle of the ocean. Pretty interesting species and beautiful shape!

The Duobrachium Sparksae moves like a hot air balloon. Floats in the oceans and slowly moves. It even has weighted tails. Could you imagine if they were super large and all around the ocean? It would be a beautiful sight!

Looks like a party balloon with two strings hanging down instead of one. This one is cooler however because it lights up! Imagine if jellyfish could float in the sky. These would be just like fireflies!

What do you think of this new creature? Would you swim with them in the deep of the ocean?

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Credits: NOAA, Green Matters, Science Alert.  

Turning Desert into Forest, in America.

Here at UI, we dream big because undefined ideas are making the impossible seem possible. But we don’t just make new things out of nowhere. Desert forests have existed for years all around the world. Even America has turned a desert into forest, plenty of times, but they call them “cities” instead. However, a forest is just what we plan to do!

In these cities, there are trees covered in sandy soil and rarely any under canopy growth to shield the ground. You’re probably thinking, “well its a desert, isn’t it supposed to be bare and dry?” To that my answer is, “NO”. Plants and trees produce foliage which drop off and turns to compost. Humans have a tendency of raking up the good stuff. and throwing it in the trash.

Desert into Forest

With compost and other ground covers, such as under canopy plants and bushes, we can keep the soil alive and retain more water for the hot and dry seasons. Turning the desert into forest. Not to mention the ground would be green and filled with color and life.

We have been taught to believe that we should keep nature “nature”, but we have been denying that since we were born. Humans have constantly built cities and changed the way nature works for our comfortability. You could say, it’s in our nature to change nature. What if changing nature is actually better for all of us?

Learning how this planet works and the temperatures we need to keep us a safe distance from the sun, is an important factor in keeping humanity alive for the time to come. By growing forests or other projects, we can regulate the temperature of the planet keeping us safe from burning up or freezing to death

Desert into Forest

So, right now, we are in the desert working to build a forest. Every time we go to the city we enter another forest area across miles of desert. We get to show the world, that they have been living in forests and luxury and they can make their forest denser and beautiful with just a few step.

Desert into Forest

UI has a 5-year plan to completed The Forest in the Desert Project. It will cost around 10,000,000 to complete. There will be an agricultural section for stable food, residential for people working and living as well as guests, industrial area (for restaurants, glass making, kiln, AR and VR entertainment, theater, food processing and more), and of course the forest area We currently have 5 people working on the project and will let you know when we have events and parties so you can come and see what we are working on.

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The Naked Man Orchid

Flowers come in all shapes, but this one is by far the most symbolic. Shaped like a man, this Naked Man Orchid blooms with dozens of men wearing leaf caps in different colors. If you look close enough, they’re even wearing pants.

Naked Man Orchid

Are these symbols from God or the mathematics of the universe telling us something? When you think of flowers, you think of feminine qualities, but this flower clearly is male. This Naked Man Orchid even has the distinctive male private part.

Naked Man Orchid

I think this is beautiful and all men and their actions can be considered beautiful too. Can the sight of men working together to create one flower or creation be seen as beautiful?

Different colors of these naked men present a vibrant variety and show that the future of these orchids can be in different styles as they’re grown and produced. With the right breeding, they can be bright orange or even green and gold.

Naked Man Orchid

Orchis Italica is the scientific name of this orchid. It’s funny that such a vulgar image is reproduced by nature. Making the image of a naked man not so bad and beautiful as you see them together.

From far away, you would never guess that little men surround the whole stem. Their beautiful nature look like any other flower in a field. The orchid can be found in Mediterranean areas including: the Middle East, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, the Aegean islands, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Naked Man Orchid

Nature has a pretty funny sense of humor, and for one, I welcome it. Incredible things happen all around the world and this is one of those. Tell me what you think of this flower, weird or beautiful?

Credits: Daily Mail, First Nature, Hoax Slayer

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Natural Swimming Pools, What are they?

Natural swimming pools or ponds are bodies of water large enough to swim in. All while being cleaned using natural methods. Some of these methods include filtering plants, guard animals, rocks that clean water, and an aerator like a pump or waterfall. These pools can provide a safe clean chlorine-free place to swim, as well as introduce friendly wildlife to your area.

How can I make natural swimming pools?

You can start building your natural pool the way you would a regular pond or even a pool. If you have a pool already and would like a natural one, you have the hole and sealed bottom part done. Starting from scratch, you will need to dig a hole to your desired size. Make sure to cut out a terraced ramp, 2 through 18 in, leading to your natural pool. This will be the filtration system. Use thick clay, pond liner, or watertight concrete to keep the water from seeping into any underground caverns. Once the clay, liner, or concrete is dried and set, we can pick out the plants.

Clear Water Revival

What plants do you need to clean natural swimming pools?

Make sure to use plants that suit your environment. The best choice is to get the plants from a supplier of native plants. Both aquatic plants, Sedges (Carex), and rushes (Scirpus) make perfect emerging vegetation for your pools plant-based filter. Lesser cattails (Typha angustifolia) and water irises are also good, but be sure to ask which varieties do not overwhelm other plants.

Author: Zuzanna Musial

How can I make natural swimming pools run through plant-based filters?

An aerator will help move water to the filter area, as well as introduce oxygen into the water. Aerators are often pool pumps sending water to an elevated point to run off into a water fall. Water hitting water causes the some of the H2O to break and introduce oxygen from the air into the pool. Oxygen is good for plants and any fish you may have that can help the natural swimming pool remain clean.

Do wildlife come and how to I deal with them?

Wildlife will come to your pond because it’s a source of freshwater. But there are ways to prevent it and keep your water clean and safe. Build your swimming pond in a greenhouse. Koi and minnows keep the water free of insects. Give your water treatments with pond cleansers.

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel 

Now you know how to build natural swimming pools. If you want to build your own, leave a comment down below!

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Cheetah, the Worlds Fastest Animal on Land

Animals can be fast! With humans maxing out at 28 mph, the cheetah can run a whopping 58 miles-per-hour. However, they are still not the fastest animal in the world. That record is held by an ocean animal and we’ll talk about them another time.

unsplash-logoDavid Groves

Cheetahs are notorious for being fast! Growing up, we were told to be fast like a cheetah. Some said that imagine you’re a cheetah chasing a gazelle. I didn’t want to chase gazelles so I said, “I’m going to mix a cheetah and a gazelle and go even faster.”

Close to all wild cheetahs can be located in sub-Saharan Africa, where they inhabit open plains of grassy savannah and forests. A tiny population lives in northeastern Iran, though there are just a few dozen left.

unsplash-logoCara Fuller

The bodies of these large cats grow around 4 feet in length, with a tail ranging around 27.56. Their weight varies around 88.18 pounds and males weighing slightly more.

Cheetahs are typically found in groups. Usually a mother and her babies (who remain together for about six months after leaving their mother). Sometimes a group of males live together. Nevertheless, adult female cheetahs appear to be single. They only encounter males to mate with.

Animals that stick together as a family are pretty cool. They raise their young like humans and then let them go once they are ready.

Did you like this information? If so, comment below.

source: National Geographic Kids.