Vancouver Aquarium Might Be Shut Down For Good.

Thanks to a lack of sales, the Vancouver Aquarium could be permanently closing in the coming months.

The Vancouver Aquarium isn’t the only venue that the coronavirus epidemic is affecting and Neumünster Zoo has lost support in northern Germany due to a shortage of visitors in the wake of the raging pandemic.

The zoo announced that some of its animals would have had to start feeding others with their own lives. 

unsplash-logoTheresa Turner

If—and this is really the worst, worst case of all—if I no longer have any money to buy feed, or if it should happen that my feed supplier is no longer able to deliver due to new restrictions, then I would slaughter animals to feed other animals,”

Said Kaspari to the German news agency DPA.

Kaspari said killing other animals might be an “unpleasant,” final resort.

We’ve listed the animals we’ll have to slaughter first,”

Kaspari told Die 
Welt, a German newspaper.

The zoo said one of the creatures, a roughly 12-foot polar bear called Vitus, should be kept till the end.

Verena Kaspari, director of the Neumünster Zoo said the zoo lost about €175,000 this spring as a result of the outbreak.

unsplash-logoVenkat Sudheer Reddy

Gustavsson says the aquarium, is home to 70,000 species. These include otters, sea turtles, and jellyfish.  They have lost over $3 million since its doors were closed last month.

From a financial point of view for the Vancouver Aquarium, this is a disaster. Eighty-five percent of our revenue comes from aquarium operations,”

Ocean Wise chairman and CEO Lasse Gustavsson 
told “Mornings with Simi” show on CKNW radio.

These amounts don’t make sense. One member says the aquarium lost over $100,000 since closing and another said over $3 million.

This company seems to not have everything together and unprepared for situations like this coronavirus outbreak.

Can we change the scene of the Vancouver Aquarium? Comment below.

Source: LiveKindly.

Some Gut Bacteria Produce Electricity.

Scientists recently discovered that some gut bacteria produce electricity, which is amazing! Lots of people understand the brain and nervous system send electricity through the body. A common misconception is that your gut doesn’t have any electricity and in terms can’t feel.

This research can prove that your gut can feel itself rather than your brain. Some gut bacteria producing electricity can be very different than how your brain and nervous system sense things. Inside your gut, the bacteria have a mind of their own.

Literally, your gut bacteria is a different entity than you. Meaning these little guys in your gut are producing electricity, and for the most part, your brain has no clue what they are doing it for.

We know our body can tell when there are good or bad bacteria in your gut. We feel weird, maybe sick, but those are all external feelings from different brain connected organs telling us somethings off.

Your nervous system is connected to the sealing tubes of your digestive system. If there is to much pressure, the valve from your stomach to your throat will open, causing you to throw up. If your poop is too liquidy and acidic, your anal valve will open causing you to release the liquid out of your butt.

None of this is connecting to your gut biome. Your intestines are like a world of their own. Inside, the bacteria that breaks down your food communicate with each other, break down food particles together and produce balls of electricity to throw at each other like snowballs.

Okay, the last part probably isn’t true. But the point is, your gut is its own environment and we get to treat it right.

Do you know what can be good to help gut bacteria produce electricity? Rice! Check out this article on a Japanese Village Plants Colored Rice To Make Pictures. It’s really cool to see how people play with their food.

Source: Medical News Today.

Girl Made Solar Water Heater & Wins Science Prize.

8 year old reinvents the solar water heater for her rural town in Mexico! Cities all around the world don’t have gas lines or power to heat water. This girl made one for her family and won a Nuclear Science Prize.

Though solar water heaters have existed for years, having them applied in certain areas has been difficult. Technology and other conveniences come to societies with money in place, something lots of communities are missing.

Something as simple as not having money or an export-import system can affect the development of countries and cities. Coca-Cola can ship all around the world, but Amazon can not. This poses a problem when one country can have things, like solar water heaters, that other countries or towns can not.

But this girl used the resources available to her to create luxury for herself.

Money to get products cheap at wholesale is a luxury only developing countries have. A luxury this 8-year-old is creating for her self and her community. Could you imagine not having hot water? Then being told you needed to either go to another country or create and export system in order to get a solar water heater with foreign cash.

The struggle is real in developing countries, but there is a keyword there and it is “developing”. Though these countries aren’t London or China when it comes to money and goods. They are still developing and by the resourcefulness of this girl, I’d say they are off to a great start.

If you want to see how a whole country is using their resources & money to make their community better, check out Scotland to have 100% Renewable Energy.

Source: Collective Evolution.

Device Collects 50 Tons of Trash Per Day.

Powered by solar, this river barge device collects 50 tons of trash in a 24hr period. Game changer for the world of river garbage, which is huge.

Rivers have been a natural breeding ground for humans. From near the beginning of human time, moving water has been an essential resource of city building.

Device Collects 50 Tons of Trash

Humans building cities and tons also means waste. It also means the most ignorant of those humans being born, dump their waste in the water. Which isn’t healthy or sanitary of anyone.

Thankfully this device collects 50 tons of trash each day. Though it doesn’t collect liquid hazardous material, the barge can collect the big stuff.

Device Collects 50 Tons of Trash

What’s better is that it’s powered by solar. Meaning that coal or other dangerous methods of power are banished from this collection project.

Mining for solar energy is a one-time thing. Of course, unless you want to upgrade. Your carbon footprint is way smaller, and your ability to obtain power without a power plant is accelerated dramatically.

Clean rivers with power that is renewable… amazing! The world is growing, and together we can make it a clean & valuable place to live.

Device Collects 50 Tons of Trash

Want to learn more about how cities are becoming eco-friendly and reducing their negative footprint on the world, check out Scotland to have 100% Renewable Energy.

Sources: Optimist Daily. PHYS.

The Lion & The Lamb. Yes, It happened.

Years ago in the 1950s, a lion refused to eat meat. Surviving off other nutrients, The Lion & The Lamb slept together with other animals at the rescue where she lived.

Named Little Tyke, the vegetarian lion wasn’t the only one. A lion, in the presence of a monk in 1936, turned away from meat & favored rice and milk.

Goes to show that humans love and compassion could affect the world. Did the world turn vicious because humans start wars?

Lion refusing meat

If we all come from the same set of cells and DNA, then a lamb is a lion and a lion is a lamb. At some point in evolution, a lion decided to eat meat and hunt animals and a lamb becomes dormant and docile.

No matter what, human slaughter either of them for fun and food. Which is completely unnecessary for survival. Though killing is important if something is trying to kill you, this guy proved you can sleep with lions too.

Things we thought were impossible are very possible. So let’s get to changing the world. Help the lions sleep with lambs and the humans sleep with lions. Together we can build an amazing reality where lions are the new friendly loving Pitbulls everyone who is normal is scared of.

The danger of these animals is real, so just as humans, just because one or a few are nice, don’t go diving into a native lion pit thinking you will come out. Without knowing what it takes to be a lion, a lion will not respect you.


But you can do something similar in other places in the world with safety guidelines.

If you want to sleep with real beast legally, check this out: Sleep In See-Through Bubble With Elephants.

Source: Vegetarismus.

Jacket Uses Ocean Plastic And It’s Vegan.

Wu-Tang’s very own RZA partnered up with PETA & Embassy of Bricks to make this stunning ocean plastic recycled puffer jacket.

No way something this warm can be vegan, let alone save the ocean. Well, I’m here to say, and RZA is here to prove that it can. Designed with the environment in mind, everything on 36Chambers is eco-friendly & vegan.

Puffer jackets are essential in weather with freezing temperatures, pretty much anywhere besides the tropics and under California’s mountains. Which makes this an important part of any society [besides the fact that it helps clean the oceans].

This jacket is $336 which sounds like a lot, but remember this is a prototype for when jackets made out of recycled ocean plastic are mainstream. Call it a test tag when referring to high prices.

For the price, if you’re making enough money, this is nothing compared to the symbolism it provided. This can be done, we can take plastics out of the ocean or anywhere. Making clothing and buildings out of our waste that has been sanitized and ready for production is totally possible.

Not only is it possible, but it’s vegan. Which means nothing was intentionally harmed or killed to make this product. In fact, since this was taken out of the ocean, its saving lives & the environment.

Roads Built With Recycled Plastics.

CEO Toby McCartney started MacRebur as a means to the ever-growing trash problem. Trash and plastics are being disposed of by the tons each day. Not every plastic makes the cut for these roads, but every bit being recycled and reused changes our problem.

Each plastic taken out of the waste yard and turned into something that lasts a while is super valuable. This road lasts 10X longer than normal asphalt roads due to the plastic properties.

The process of laying the road is similar to that of normal asphalt, and the result looks the same. However, the actual road is much stronger.

Not all the plastics in the world can be used here. One of the hardest to reuse, black plastic, is perfect for this technology.

They gather and mix the plastics with other materials and achieve the recycled bottle asphalt road.

In order to get the road just right, they still use every method of laying normal asphalt roads, including steamrolling the top.

From discarded plastic bottles to a road that lasts 10x longer than normal. This technology changes the world forever. We now have a way to remove plastics by making roads, something we need as humans with cars.

Source: MacRebur.

7 Billion-Year-Old Stardust On Earth.

Recently, inside of a meteorite, a discovery has been found; 7 billion-year-old stardust.

Imagine finding fragments of the mythical material while you’re analyzing a meteorite.

“This is one of the most exciting studies I’ve worked on” – Philipp Heck

Philipp is a curator at the Field Museum, where the stardust was discovered.

“They’re solid samples of stars, real stardust” – Heck

Seeing this raw formation of stardust really changed the world. The smell is that of rotten peanut butter.

Different from the meteorite, this substance had to be extracted by acid. They ground down fragments and then used the acidic solution until only the presolar grains remain.

“It’s like burning down the haystack to find the needle” – Philipp

From rotten peanut butter to stardust, the process fulfilled by the Field Museum has possed successful. The team was about to collect stardust. A material that landed here on either just a few years ago. Discovered and written by humans for what seems like the first time in history. Who knows if humans in the past have used this stuff, and what it could be used for.

As the years follow up, we will find out all the uses and properties of stardust. For now, it is cool to know that we can collect something that seems like a mythical substance.

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Source: Field Museum.

Sleep In See-Through Bubble With Elephants.

For 585$ USD, you can sleep with rescued elephants. Low lights and a cup of joe as you walk around with retired elephants, who doesn’t want that?

Well I know I do, and will enjoy going to this sleepover with the elephant’s retreat.

With a total of 60 elephants on-premises, the big bodies of mass used to be working elephants in Thailand. Now, thanks to The Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort in Northern Thailand, these elephants can walk around in peace, without being told what to do.

Freedom to walk without cars or city noise bugging them. These giants can walk on dirt and through plants just as in their native environment.

Noise is at a minimum seeing as the city is no longer the environment these elephants are at. Everyone at Anantara Golden Triangle is in resort mode. Quite and relaxation, besides the occasional elephant noise!

You get to sleep with the stars view the Thai night sky as elephants sleep nearby. These seethrough spaces are called Jungle Bubbles. Restrooms are not transparent. Food and room service is a call away 24/7.

“Championing the natural joy of daily free-roaming time, accompanied by the mahouts and either a vet or biologist, the activity offers insights from scientific experts about how these intelligent creatures think and behave. Guests can observe the elephants’ social interaction in their native habitat. The fun of either a river bath or mud playtime demonstrates just how cheeky these graceful animals can be.”

Etienne De Villiers, Anantara’s Cluster Director of Public Relations

Rescued freedom & Hotel luxuries mixed together is a combination that I am glad to see existing. Thailand, get ready for us because here we come.

Source: Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp.

Team Rebuilds Entire Forest In 20 Years.

The couple, Sebastião Salgado and wife Lélia, successfully funded a forestry rebuild. A near countless number of animals and plant species have returned to the area.

Thanks to the belief of two people and an entire team, this once-upon-a-time forest is now a living thriving forest at this time.

The team created a nursey that can hold 700,000 plants at one time. This allows them to plant up to 1,000,000 plants per year. Talk about superpower abilities.

These two people along with their team were able to bring back this forest and plant 1,000,000 plants a year!

Efforts like these do not go unnoticed. Volunteers from all over the world come and help the project plant trees and do other statistical tasks.

What once was desert land 20 years ago, today is a lush green forested area, filled with wildlife that was on the brink of extinction.

Instituto Terra is setting an example for reforestation projects all around the world. Giving hope to the ones being built today in 2020.

As inspiration for other projects, these photos were taken in and before 2016. The project has come a long way in 4 years.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and plant your own forest.

Source: Instituto Terra