What To Plant In Fall.

Wondering what to plant in fall? Well this list will be perfect for you. In this list we will set several plants that will grow in fall and even some snow. Get ready for this intensive review of plants to grow every fall.


Frost tolerant to 26 degrees Fahrenheit, broccoli can survive a slight frost and provide you with florets and greens. It takes 50-100 days for broccoli to fully mature.

Collard Greens

This one is hardy, it can survive heat and low temperatures around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It has been known to survive colder depending on the circumstance. Collard Greens are harvestable in 60-75 days.


Among the most tolerable to cold, Garlic can survive -30 but not above ground. The Air temperature must be above 40F but it will root underground and spring up in spring. They take 6-8 months to mature into a harvestable size.


Cold tolerable to 20 degree Fahrenheit, this makes a good harvestable choice before it gets too cold. Spinach grows fast and allows you to harvest in 37-45 days.


Harvestable in 30-90 day, lettuces are a great fall choice. Most types can last to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes a great fall choice, low harvest times and deep cold ability. You can find varieties that last way colder temperatures.


Kale is a great choice for winter, tolerable to 10 Fahrenheit. Perfect for zone 8a and up. Harvestable in 30-40 days. It can grow to a mature size before winter. If your temperature doesn’t go under the tolerance rate, kale will survive the winter.


Survivable to 15 Fahrenheit, carrots make a great fall plant. Harvest in 70-80 days and store for winter. Carrots can be planted in spring too for summer harvest making it a full year round plant with the right temperatures.


At a 26 degree minimum, turnips will stay alive under the soil in freezing temperatures. Their leaves will most likely wilt from frost damage. Whats so cool about turnips is, the first frost is when you harvest them! So as soon as the leaves frost away, you know it’s time to harvest. With a 40-55 day harvest time, you can easily make it a fall possibility.

Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts can last below 0 Fahrenheit degrees, but it may not be good for them and you might not get sprouts. 10 Fahrenheit and they should be okay or stored indoors [just dig them up from the soil]. They thrive in 60 degrees Fahrenheit. With a harvest time of 90-100 day, this over winter, frost tolerant Brussel is good surviving winter & is #1 on our list.


Tolerable to low 20 Fahrenheit, radish’s will grow back regardless of frost damage to leaves. Radish harvest time is 3 to 5 weeks, making them a pick fall crop and even overwinter if you live in the right zone. These perfect zones for radish over winter would be 8b and above. There may be more cold hardy radishes available in your area.

Fava Bean

Finally, fava bean is a huge quick growing bean and makes a great compost after harvest. Cold tolerable to 14 Fahrenheit, it is a great frost tolerant garden choice. These huge bean stalks take 3 months till harvest making zones 8a and up perfect zones to over winter this bean.

Theres 11 Fall crops for you to plant and harvest during the time when most of us feel like the growing season is over.

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Nasa Acquired A Mars Habitat called HERA

Nasa acquired a mars habitat, well maybe not. This device called HERA is a space life simulator. HERA is used to help upcoming astronauts or even professionals get ready for life on a satellite orbiting mars. Not only is this essential for preparing, it helps scientist make going to space better. I’m sure some of you have watched ICarly? Well they went in one of these and a main character named Sam freaked out and broke the machine. That was over 10 years ago and the first time I personally heard of these devices.

Why Does Nasa Need To Simulate Life On A Mars Satellite?

Easy, humans can freak out when they’re not in their native environment. So to be safe, they simulate life in space here on earth. This way, individuals who do have panic attacks can practice being stable or begin to understand maybe space isn’t for them right now. Theres a thing called “space crazy” where you feel like the world is tiny and you get claustrophobic. People become angry, abusive or even self harm. These are all things that can’t happen on a secured spaceship or it jeopardizes everyone of the ships lives.

When Nasa Acquired A Mars Habitat, Was It Specifically For Mars?

No. This machine has been used in multiple studies generally for space flight and claustrophobia. If anything were to happen, they can just open a door. If something happens while testing in space, you would have to safely land a multi-million dollar spacecraft. The HERA makes it easy to test situation before they happen to minimize risk.

Can Regular Humans Try HERA?

You can try. They have a program to see if you qualify to be a human test subject. It’s 45 days long of being an astronaut on Earth! Thats quite a long time to be in a small container, but if you want to go to space, its well worth it to see if you can handle the conditions. You’ll be with 3 other people in tight quarters with mission objectives to complete. Sound fun? Heres the link if you want to try and sign up. Become A NASA HERA participant.

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Firefighters Wrap Worlds Largest Tree In Tin Foil.

Can you believe it? Firefighters wrap worlds largest tree in tin foil. Okay, maybe not tin foil specifically, but a scientific aluminum based sheeting that is incredibly fireproof. Incredible, but also why? The wildfires in California are going crazy and in an attempt to protect the largest tree in the world, General Sherman, they have wrapped the base in this fireproof aluminum based stuff.

Firefighters Wrap Worlds Largest Tree In Tin Foil, But Is It Safe?

Quite frankly, I don’t know if the tree is safe from the wildfires. The only picture posted is the Aluminum sheeting around the base of the worlds largest tree, General Sherman. Sequoias, the type of tree General Sherman is, are naturally resistant to fire, but this one is really hot and they have burned down before. Is wrapping the base enough to protect it from a hot fire? I want better standards for our forests but in order to do that we have to all work together. Theres not that many firefighters, and they have so much work to do. If something is threatening our life, I feel we should all work together to make it better.

How Would We Protect The Forests?

I feel everyone should be involved in what way they can. Wether its being out there or coming up with efficient ideas to stop them. But if this is a plan and the fires are man made, there’s nothing getting everyone together could do besides stop them from burning our forests. There are a lot of theories about how these wildfires started and I would hope they are actually wild. But in either case everyone getting involved is the best option to stop our forests from being burned down and taking lives & houses with them.

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Nasa’s New Space Craft Has Solar Powered Thrusters.

Psyche, Nasa’s New space craft has solar powered thrusters that will go 200,000 miles per hour! That would be amazing, we can travel in space with solar electron ion thrusters that are super powered! Though Psyche might not be ready yet, it looks promising to be an actual space flight vehicle.

Can Nasa’s New Space Craft Actually Go 200,000 Miles Per Hour?

Yes! It would take a while though. The solar thrusters will give about as much force as a hand push. However, with spaces low drag, the space ship will end up going 200,000 miles per hour thrusting it through space. Thats pretty fast considering that’s its only as powerful as a thrust of your hand. Keep in mind… space trash being an issue is a real thing. If a spaceship can travel 200,000 mph in space, so can a piece of aluminum wrapper from your veggie Tofurky sandwich.

Nasa’s New Space Craft Has Solar Powered Thrusters, But would you ride in it?

Would you like to travel in a cruise liner that soared space but go off to a slow start? Imagine being thrown through space at 200,000 miles per hour, just to reach your destination & wait a week to reach top speeds again… not to say it would take a week. I have no clue how long it takes to speed up to 200,000 mph. All I know is that it will according to their predictions. Space is becoming a reality for us to live in, sooner than we may have thought.

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Elon Musk Vowed to Get Rid Of All His Possessions.

Last year Mr. Elon Musk vowed to get rid of all is possessions and just listed his last house… then pulled it from the market. Zillow went from “For Sell” on June to “Removed by Owner” September 11. He almost did it! But I wouldn’t have.

Takes a lot of effort to get rid of everything you poses. I couldn’t imagine getting rid of everything! Sentiment has value, and I appreciate that. But something a clean mind and space where you own nothing is important.

Did He Go Against His Vow?

Yeah, he didn’t sell all of his possessions & I think that’s okay. I mean would want to keep it all and own more, just to make things the way I like them. But having a peace of mind to not own or feel attached to anything is powerful. One house out of many. He’s doing more than I would. [I don’t have a house yet so looks whose talking]. Elon’s shoes are big, and with Bezos owning tons of houses, I’m sure Elon’s business own plenty of things.

Why Elon Musk Vowed To Get Rid Of All Possessions.

In May of 2020 Elon tweeted that he would get rid of all houses and sell almost all physical possessions. His reasoning, so he can dedicate all his funds to colonizing mars. Crazy to believe minimalism or peace of mind isn’t really the issue here… its Mars. But good for us because someone has to help humans get off this planet, and as long as he does it sustainably, I’m okay with it. But its not on so many levels. However, we are climbing up steps, from draining the oil and poisoning the sky to contaminating water and leaching battery material into the soil. I’d say we’re progressing in a weird way.

There is no right way to go around living on this planet, but if you have a goal in mind and that goal can help others in some capacity [that doesn’t hurt others physically and emotionally to the point of hurting themselves or others] then go for it! Be the best you can be and sell all your houses besides one. Next time you’ll see Elon Musk Shirtless giving an interview about how he sold everything to colonize Mars.

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How To Clean Your Air Space.

If you’ve ever seen or smelled the air in a large metropolitan area like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Phoenix, or Denver, chances are, you’ll want to know how clean your air space. People and pets are often breathing in all sorts of harmful pollutants from car exhausts, cooking fumes from cooking on the grill, dust from construction and manufacturing, and more. Those who are exposed to this pollution build up toxins in their bodies and they experience numerous health problems.

One group of these toxic chemicals are known as carcinogens, and it’s this group of agents which has been shown to cause cancer. In addition, many other carcinogens have been linked to such diseases as esophageal cancer and bladder cancer. By cleaning the air in your home, you can protect yourself and your family members from the carcinogenic agents which are present in our environment.

So… How To Clean Your Air Space?

There are lots of different ways to combat the buildup of toxins in your home. The easiest thing you can do is simply to make your home more inhospitable to toxins. You can ventilate your home whenever you’re burning incense or candles. Another simple way to combat air pollution is to use an air purifier to clean the air in your home. You can also use a portable air purifier in your vehicle, especially if your pet is inside the car.

The leaves and stem of certain plants are excellent natural air purifiers. An effective houseplant, known as the Peace Lily, can help remove toxins. The Peace Lily was originally brought to America from England. Because of its medicinal qualities and it has now become one of the United States’ best-kept secrets.

You can also keep another indoor that help to filter the air. English Ivy is a great plant to clean the air with. You can place the lilies in your front entrance or on your patio to attract birds and butterflies into your garden. Keeps your yard looking neat & the air fresh.

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How To Clean The Ocean.

You can learn how to clean the Ocean properly. The Ocean has plastics, dead creatures, and a lot of garbage that float in it. Also you will find oil and diesel that sunk to the bottom of the ocean. There are huge oil rigs right off the shores of California, Rhode Island and the Eastern seaboard of New Jersey. These rigs produce a huge amount of noise as they run continuously all day long.

Another reason that there is such great pollution in our oceans and rivers is because of human activities. For example, you take a boat out to the ocean, this boat carries all of your dinner and drinks. As you take the boat out you may be dumping all kinds of garbage into the water. The plastics and metal pollution from all of this packaging will eventually find their way into our fresh water supplies.

Plastic and metal pollution also happen at the beach. When you go to the beach to swim, your garbage often gets into the ocean or even the rivers to flush them down. Many beaches have sewage treatment plants where all of the trash can be thrown away. This helps reduce the amount of garbage that flows into the ocean. Another method of reducing the garbage that flows into the ocean is to make sure that all of the trash that comes into the country is recycled. This helps reduce the amount of plastic bags and plastic bottles that end up in our ocean waters.

How Can Everyone Help?

In order to reduce the garbage that gets dumped into the ocean, we need to look into what we are doing when it comes to throwing things away. Everyone needs to take personal responsibility for their lives and actions. We need to stop taking vacations and cheaply spending money on consumer products that only last until the next payday.

We need to start doing things smarter by buying locally and using reusable products. If you recycle everything that you can you will not be throwing any more garbage in the rivers and oceans. You will also be helping out the environment by preventing more garbage from going into the landfill because of it being recycled.

How to clean the Ocean and Clean the Seas?

First we need to start being more environmentally conscious. We need to stop putting tons of plastic bags and other trash into our oceans and rivers. If each one of us just took five minutes of our time and changed some things around in our lives we could drastically cut the amount of trash going into our seas. Think of how much it costs us to fill up the Grand Coulee dump every day with plastic bags and other garbage.

We can also prevent more plastics from going into the sea by cutting down on the number of landfills that are being used. It costs money to put items in landfills. You pay for the fuel used to put the landfills there, and you also pay for the air that is blown around the area. Help save our future and stop polluting our seas by cutting down on your plastic consumption.

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We Are Trading The Foreign Exchange Market.

We are trading the foreign exchange market, or the Forex market for short. We’re using the forex market to make money for projects that support this planet’s growth in a positive way. It is an extremely vast market of trading where one currency is traded for the other. This market has been compared to the stock market but instead of shares being sold and bought, they are sold for a price in foreign currency. It’s this very same idea that underlies the Forex market; money is made or lost through trading foreign currency, and thus the term ‘Forex’.

There are actually two main currencies we trade on the Forex market; the US dollar and the Japanese yen. These currencies are paired and both of them play a major role in determining how the Forex market operates.

What Makes Forex Cool?

Because of the large amount of money involved in the Forex market, and the fact that it is a 24-hour affair, it is often times referred to as a ‘liquid market’. This is quite a bit different to the stock market, which can often times feel like a slow stagnant room. The Forex market on the other hand is constantly active. This constantly active nature is what makes forex trading such a potentially risky investment as anyone can literally buy or sell the amount of money as they wish, up to the maximum amount allowed by the broker.

This freedom from monetary limits is also what draws people to forex trading; they feel as if they can manipulate the market and make a fortune with little effort. Although this may not always be the case, there is certainly plenty of risk involved with trading foreign currency. So many people consider it as a great way to ‘make more money to save money’. We’re working on doing the same thing, so we can use the money to make this planet a better place to stay.

Are There Any Other Reason Why We Trade Forex?

Another reason why many people turn to the foreign exchange market is to take advantage of the rising values of certain currencies. For example, the Japanese yen has become increasingly popular. It is becoming more common for Japanese businesses to purchase large amounts of Japanese Yen in order to pay for imported goods. As the Japanese economy continues to grow, this trend is bound to continue. This resulted in the value of the Japanese yen to raise significantly over time – making it an ideal currency to buy Japanese goods and pay for imported items.

However, there is a flip side to this coin. As the value of the Japanese yen rises so do the cost of importing products into Japan. This has the effect of reducing the competitiveness of Japanese goods against those of overseas countries. Which has the potential effect of decreasing Japanese gross domestic product (GDP).

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We’re Planting 20 Trees in the Desert by the End of 2022

We’re planting 20 trees in the desert by the end of 2022. That’s about one-fourth of the trees we would plant in the desert-forest area. And that’s just the start. By the end of 2022, we will have planted more trees in the desert than have existed there for thousands of years. We’re going to need a lot more trees in the desert to make it hospitable.

So why are we doing this? We’re doing it because scientists tell us that desert plants need more moisture and nutrients than ever before in order to grow. The process they use to do that is called soil erosion. And the planting of more trees in the desert to restore the process is going to help prevent desertification.

Are Other Humans Trying to Plant More Trees?

More trees are being planted in urban and suburban areas. Urban planners are going green. They’re thinking of ways to create green spaces within cities so that people don’t have to drive too far to get to a park or to a store. Like having “green roofs” installed on the roofs of these buildings so people can enjoy green spaces and fresh vegetables at their home or building.

In addition, planting trees is helping save energy in many ways. If we can encourage more trees to grow in desert areas, then we’re reducing our use of fossil fuels. That means less greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and a healthier planet. It also means that we’ll be able to provide for a greater number of those who live below the poverty line and who require more healthful lifestyles.

We have a responsibility to those who live in the desert. And that means that we need to stop desertification at its source. That means making sure that planting 20 trees and plants will actually thrive. Not just planting something here and not taking care of it or caring about the desert ranges.

What Do We Need To Do

We need to start thinking of desertification as a problem. And that means focusing on solutions like improving water and energy sources and rethinking the way land is used. We have a limited amount of natural resources, and that limitedness means that we must think of new ways to conserve them. That means planting more trees and more plants.

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El Punta Vegano – A Healthy Vegan Destination

If you love Latin cuisine, then you might have heard about the popular vegan Mexican restaurant El Punta Vegano in Puerto Rico. I was blown away by the amazing vegan food that the owners serve. In my opinion, any good vegan restaurant should offer vegan diners a wide variety of dishes so that they can enjoy a balanced diet. El Punta Vegano definitely falls into this category.

What Makes El Punta Vegano Such A Great Restaurant?

First off, the wonderful selection of delicious plant-based dishes are truly mind-blowing. The vegan menu boasts entrees like Vegan Pizza, Veggie Burgers, & Veggie Tacos just to name a few. There are also several side dishes to compliment your food, such as salsa, papas supreme, and seared quesadillas. 

Is It Vegan?

The unique thing about El Punta Vegano is the lack of animal products used in their cooking. As a matter of fact, you will not find any pork, cows, or chickens in this restaurant. In addition, there are no eggs used in the mix which makes this vegan restaurant not only unique but also healthy. Since this is an all vegan establishment, you may notice that their choices of items are quite varied; and most of the dishes you order will be familiar to you as they are all very common dishes you have probably already enjoyed at other vegan restaurants.

What’s great about El Punta Vegano is that you do not have to choose between being vegan or eating at this restaurant. You can actually choose exactly what you want to eat whether it is Beyond Meat, Mushroom & Lentil, Eggplant, or Bacon Mushroom. This allows you to fully enjoy your meal without feeling guilty about it. You will be sure to find something that you love.

Along with the wonderful food, you can also enjoy some of the other great benefits of a vegan restaurant such as: low calories, high quality, and an excellent choice for a family vacation spot or your own personal place to eat. If you are looking to go to Puerto Rico, this is the perfect choice. The cuisine is unlike anything you will have ever experienced before and it is sure to become your favorite new restaurant. Once you try El Punta Vegano, you will never go back to eating any traditional restaurant again.

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