Two Brothers Run Away With 3.6B Worth of Bitcoin

Talk about a heist, first creating an amazing eco-sphere of Bitcoin in South African, then run away with 3.6B worth of Bitcoin. These two brothers planned an elaborate plan to take so much money from the people of South Africa. So much money that it is now the biggest Bitcoin scam to date.

Why Run Away With 3.6B Worth of Bitcoin?

I personally don’t understand the scam mentality. If you’re making so much money with a winning product, why scam everyone using it? These brothers built a Bitcoin community in South Africa, just to betray everyones trust. Bitcoin is about security, and now millions of people are feeling iffy because they didn’t understand the full way crypto works.

How Did The Brothers Run Away With 3.6B Worth of Bitcoin?

They had access to everyones crypto accounts who signed onto their broker platform. No one had their own Bitcoin stored, which they should have. Cold Storage Bitcoin is one of the safest forms, it puts the BitCoin you have in a physical device with a passcode instead of on the internet or in a broker. Business like Robinhood or Currency Brokers do not actually provide you with the physical Bitcoin like Blockchain or Metamask do. They give you a certificate that you own blah blah worth of shares of the currency. Not the currency itself. Thats how the brothers scammed 3.6B worth of Bitcoin from their loyal customers.

Where Did All That Bitcoin Come From?

Like I said, they built a community in South Africa. Then they tore it down and left anyone with accounts penniless. All they had to do was keep up business and I’m sure they would profit 3.6B eventually. Thats a lot of money. Somehow the greed took over while they were building amazing community & they messed up everyones lives in the process. Remember to store your crypto in a reputable place.

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El Salvador’s National Currency, Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is now El Salvador’s National Currency. Thanks to a donor on Bitcoin Beach, a new name of a small town of 3,000, people of El Salvador now use Bitcoin as their nation currency. I know it sounds weird, but people have accepted and used it all through town and more.

El Salvador's National Currency

How is Bitcoin El Salvador’s National Currency?

Easy, some business guys drafted up a proposal and submitted it to the Government and it got approved. But it wasn’t that easy. They had to donate millions of bitcoin and rename a beach in honor of the currency. It doesn’t hurt to also create an app that allows people in the area to make digital purchases with either cash or bitcoin.

El Salvador's National Currency

Why is Bitcoin El Salvador’s National Currency?

I can only assume it testing for larger bitcoin transactions publicly. Such as everyone in America using bitcoin to buy lunch or India only accepting Bitcoin for their drugs. It’s not happening yet, but with more test, scenarios like these become more present. Imagine you could buy anything on the internet with Bitcoin, that would take a lot of transactions and we need to find a way to make it easier if we what bitcoin to go mainstream as a point of sale.

Did You Ever Think Bitcoin Would Become A Nations Currency?

On a personal note, no. I figured it was decentralized and no one could claim it as their national currency. However things change and many of us knew countries would begin adopting Bitcoin as currency, but didn’t know it would result at a nation changing their national currency to bitcoin. Maybe its time we all take a deep look at this currency Bitcoin and how it may affect our lives in the future.

El Salvador's National Currency

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How To Compost Like A Pro in 2021

Composting is easy, but you’re here because you want to learn how to compost. Let me introduce you to a few methods that have helped composters all around the world. Would you like rich fertile soil from your veggie waste? Me too, so I gathered the best from “turning” to “nitrogen carbon mix”. Let’s get into this article!

Method One: Give Your Compost Time

No matter what vegetation or even carbs in you put in your pile, it will eventually turn to soil. However, you are forwarded, certain plants can’t take certain level of whatever you may put into your mix. Like if you put a bunch of oranges in the mix and the plants you’re growing don’t need nitrogen or can’t handle citrus. Make sure to know what your plants need. If you put something a little funky in your soil, add more vegetables and give it time.

Method Two: Turning Your Compost

Many people think that just piling food on top of each other and then you’ll have good soil. Well, they’re not wrong, but if you add air in-between it will finish sooner! Thats right, if you mix your compost, it will turn to soil quicker than sitting in a pile. Turning compost is hard work, so something like a compost tumbler or cement mixer comes in handy. Aerating compost is the way to go.

Method Three: Watering

You can leave the water from your rotting vegetables as the water source for your soil but if you had water, the enzymes process the compost quicker. Talk about speeding up your compost. Just like any living organism, good soil needs water to thrive. The right amount of water can do wonders. Too much water can wash away all the good stuff. Make sure you water till water drains out the bottom holes but not more. Soggy compost is not good. It should be light and fluffy in all stages, even with food in it.

Method Four: Nitrogen to Carbon Mix

Make sure your doing a proper 50:50 Nitrogen to Carbon mix. That means nitrogen being fresh fruit and vegetables and carbon being dried leaves and dead grass. With a half of each, they can grow together the perfect compost mix ready to feed your plants. Finding Nitrogen is easy, as its your table scraps, but Carbon might be a little harder. When/if you cut the grass, let the grass dry in the sun till brown, then add it to your pile. Or when the leaves change to hard and crunchy. These are both great Carbon sources for your compost.

Now you know how to compost and quite beautifully at that. Put it to the test and try it out. Make your own soil and paste it to the dirt for your fruits and vegetables.

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It’s Earth Day, So 4 Ways You Can Save The Planet

With it being Earth Day, everyone is looking for ways to help so here are 4 ways you can save the planet. Humans have a unique way of appreciating holidays enough to see long lost family, hang out or even protect the planet. If you’re a holiday celebrator and love the planet, this article is for you!

1: Utilize Renewable Energy

Solar, geothermal, wind, water there’s tons of renewable energy sources. The most common is solar, there are even programs where if you have a house in the right spot, with the right roof, you can get solar for free. Geothermal would be easiest through compost and growing a gas you can burn. Wind is self explanatory, wind turbines allow you to obtain kilowatts anytime the wind blows. Similarly water use turbines as well utilizing wave energy, several cities are using this amazing power to help subelement their energy usage.

2: Compost

The best way to support the Earth that every human has the ability to do if they eat is compost! It’s so easy to pick up the left overs and put it in a pile. Though there are some rules of composting. Such as, you can put pasta or meat in your compost. These things mess up the biology. Quite frankly, nobody should be eating meat anyways. But there are ways to compost these heavy duty products, you just have to find out how. Some other things to watch are citrus & oils, these things can be composted, but in high amounts can effect your plant growth. The soil is bare and dry in most parts of the world, just slab some compost on it and call it and earth day bandaid!

3: Recycle

I know this is a typical one, but not enough people do this including myself. Recycling is sometimes out of the way unless you have a blue or grey trash bin and the company does the rest for you. Honestly, if you have a trash company, you should be recycling. But if you don’t, recycling is usually way out of the way. Regardless, save your batteries and things that can’t go in the trash and throw them away on a hazardous waste day in a city near you. If you have paper products you can compost them in a separate compost pile that you can use for non edible plants.

4: Grow Your Own Food

I can’t stress this one enough, produce travels around the world before it gets to your plate. You might be thinking, my food is local. But from packaging to inc and gasoline the carbon footprint from moving food alone its huge. The world has definitely touched your produce if there’s labeling or any sort of packaging. Growing your own food allows you to own the grocery store outside. Your friends and family can help you & reap in the harvest. We just started our own garden to do just this with.

With all these ways to better the planet, we get so many places to start. This planet needs all of us to come together and use these ideas. In order to save this planet and help grow life on others, we all get to implement these 4 ways in our everyday life. Wether we realize it or not, our future will be greener. It has to be so we survive.

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Doge Coin Broke Popular Trading App Robinhood

A few days ago Doge Coin broke popular trading app Robinhood, shocking many round the world. Not to my surprise, Robinhood’s trading app failed again when an unexpected rally presents itself. First it Wass GME [Game Stop] & now Doge Coin. Will they ever get it right & will I trust them again? Read this article to find out.

When Doge Coin Broke Popular Trading App Robinhood, Did People Loose Money?

We can only assume some did, but it’s back up now and the value isn’t that different from when it surged. I was honestly thinking about using Robinhood to buy Doge, but then remembered GameStop and instant turned away from the opportunity. Then days later, Doge Coin breaks Robinhood. It’s a hilarious turn of events.

How Long Did it Take Robinhood to Fix Their Issue?

Just under two hours. The price of Doge was around $0.25 so if you held it past those two hours on the way to $0.40 you would have doubled your investment while Robinhood struggled to stay alive. Under the pressure of media and patrons, the company has a lot to deal with beside tech issues. But is the fact, that Robinhood keeps glitching, okay?

Are There Other Places, other than Robinhood, I can Own Doge?

Of course, just google Doge wallets and take your pick. Choose the one you trust most and hodl till the sun rises on mars in your luxury capsule. “Hodl”ing is what they called “holding a trade”. They chose to change the name, I’m guessing because life is a joke and its fun to make news things out of it… like cryptocurrency or technology in the first place.

Is it a Good Ideas to Invest in Doge?

Well, I’m not a financial advisor, but I can tell you people have seen really good success with Doge & crypto currencies in general. It seems as long as you know about them and they have trust, all you have to do it hodl to the moon and you’ll have a profit one day. But remember, Doge is a meme coin it as made in the light of a joke but has serious financial backing. So be careful, invest wisely and always have a stop loss incase things go the other way.

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Doge Coin Makes Millionaires Over Night.

Recent surge of Doge Coin makes millionaires over night. It was so easy to make, looks like a funny meme & endorsed by Elon Musk. Riding the wave of the crypto currency crazy, Doge Coin being one of the first has surged causing many millionaires over night. From less than a cent per coin to now, 43 cents per doge, people who bought it at such a low price are raking in the profits. So why is Doge so valuable? To find out, read to the end of the article.

Doge Coin Makes Millionaires Over Night

How Doge Coin Makes Millionaires Over Night.

The price of Doge just a few weeks ago was $0.07. Adding the over 30 cent profit and you have a huge margin increase. Thats a 400% increase in value in just a few weeks. Nothing works that way besides sentiment based raves like Doge Coin. Everyone wants it to go to $1 before the end of 2021, o they are working their hardest to make it possible.

What is Doge Coin?

Doge Coin is a crypto currency made to replace regular currency in a technologically based society. In other words, its just another crypto currency. Theres no special thing here beside that humans can make some pretty cool things. It’s like if Pokemon made its own digital city to use “Pokemon Dollars” in Pokemon World. Instead Doge Coin is human, comedy, art world. In a way adding value to “memes”.

Doge Coin Makes Millionaires Over Night

How Can I Buy Doge Coin?

There are several method, on being Uphold. You can also buy it on Robinhood, but personally after the GameStop situation, I deleted my Robinhood account. So Uphold is a wallet holder that allows to to purchase and hold Doge. Get some now while its below $1 but I’m not a financial adviser so buy some at your own risk. Understand that in order to make a profit you have to trade it and watch it. Enjoy the journey of Doge to $1000 per coin <3

Would You Buy Doge Coin?

I personally don’t have any yet, I’ll wait till it drops from the surge. But my partner does, and seeing her account grow so large in such a short amount of time is incredible! I hear stories of people gaining tons of money from Doge, XRP & Bitcoin my brain is going crazy. Even though I have Bitcoin, I’m not going to risk more till I learn more and neither should you! Would you buy Doge, leave your reasons of why or why not in the comments below!

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Man Left America to Own 20 Acre Organic Farm

Imagine leaving everyone you love to own a 20 acre organic farm. Well that’s not really the case here, he loves his home land of Kenya and definitely needed to go back and start this 20 acre organic farm. This man was able to do just this by going back to Africa. Where the soil is fertile and he’s able to connect with his roots while providing food for the people around him. Was it a good idea and is he okay to this day? Read the rest of the article to find out.

Why Leave America to Own 20 Acre Organic Farm in Kenya?

The soil and culture there is so important to this man. We need to support our Earth and where we come from. With Back to Nature farm, he is able to do just that. He talks about the history of the soil and how it help the culture and the plants grow. The way he talks about the soil really makes you ant to make a trip to Africa and put your feet in the dirt. After all we all came from Africa according to science, minus well pay tribute to our heritage. We were birthed in that soil, he is growing food in the soil where it all started

What Does He Grow on His 20 Acre Organic Farm?

Normal things, peppers, guava, banana, kales and cabbages. Even though the soil might be unique, he’s growing profit crops in order to keep running the farm. Agriculturally, they use a permaculture like method where they grow companion crops and top the soil with compost. Companion plants are groups of crops that work together and support their growth. He is making the soil stronger by using this method and helping is plants grow to their full organic potential.

Who is this Man Who Left America to Build a 20 Acre Farm in Kenya?

I honestly could not find his name, but you can find him on instagram under @backtonatureafrika and YouTube as well. Just search Back to Nature Africa on YouTube to find him. If you find out more about him, please comment information in the comments below.

Would You Move to Africa to Build a Farm?

I would and I will. But would you come with? We have plans to help grow food organically and sustainably all around the world! Africa is a very important part & being able to provide food for the majority of Africa who chooses to eat our food is even more important. We love this Earth and want to make the best out of it. So would you move to Africa and build or run a farm? What makes you excited or nervous about it, write your opinion in the comments below.

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Mine PI Crypto Currency on Your Phone!

Everyone knows about crypto currency now and how you can mine it, but did you know you can mine Pi crypto currency on your phone? Using statics and value probabilities, Pi wants to be the main crypto currency that can be mined on phone. You can now literally mine a crypto currency on your phone! But how does it work & is it trust worthy? I’m sure you’re asking this question, read to the end of the article to find out!

How can You Mine Pi Crypto Currency?

You download the Pi app and confirm that you existed today by clicking the “Mine Pi” button. If you’d like to sign up, you can use my invitation code: Undefined and get 1 free Pi. Currently Pi on private exchanges is worth $100 per Pi. So by signing up, you’d have $100 dollars to use on those private exchanges. Anyways, Pi works on a proof of existence concept that gives value to human existence just based off of that.

Is Pi Actually Real?

Pi is created by Stanford graduates in the aim to add value to human existence. At least that’s what I was told when I first downloaded this app. Now they say it’s a “peer-to-peer” network that uses humans as part of the trust issue. Like every other cryptocurrency, they say having a blockchain and ledger is important, blah, blah safety blah. But what’s really important is that security on blockchains and ledgers already exist. I want the value of giving humanity value back. Pi used to say something “prove that you exist” in order to mine their currency. I think providing value for being human in this era of AI is way for important than another peer-to-peer crypto currency.. because there are thousands.

What are these Exchanges You can use Pi Crypto Currency on?

The main one is a Discord group called The Pi Lifestyle where you can exchange 1 Pi for $100 in value. There is a fee of 10 Pi first month and 5 Pi the months after. If you don’t pay the Pi back when it finally and truly live, you will be blacklisted in the Pi community.

So is it Good Idea to Invest in Pi?

Yes! If its only clicking a button once a day what’s the harm of seeing it through? Wasting a few seconds to prove you are human isn’t bad. And there’s a limited time to mine. Mining ends when they reach a threshold of 1 billion pioneers. So now is the time! With 15 million+ pioneers, the team keeps growing and growing. Use my code: undefined to receive one Pi and add me to your security circle so you can mine at a higher rate! See you soon.

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Man Bet Penis to Prove Two Diseases Were the Same

This man bet his own penis by injecting himself with a mysterious yellow discharge. Not knowing what was in the discharge, he punctured holes in his body and filled them with the yellow liquid. Then he told the world that he figured out two diseases were the same… hint… they’re not!

Bet His Penis

Why Did He Bet His Penis?

He wanted to see if gonorrhea and syphilis were the same disease. This lead him to testing a mysterious yellow liquid on his own penis and then publishing his findings as fact. For 50 odd years people believed his statements as fact. Humans are so interesting, they would rather believe the words of a documented scientist that put yellow goo in his penis rather than testing as a community. Either way, he was wrong and actually contracted both diseases from the yellow goo.

Bet His Penis

Who Was The Man Who Bet His Penis?

John Hunter is the name of the surgeon who injected himself with a mysterious yellow penis goop. Grew up poor in 1728, life was different without modern science. In 1767 he did this penis experiment which has put him in the half of fame of weird experiments. This means he was 39 when he cute open his… you know what… and filled the holes with a mans supposably gonorrhea yellow discharge.

Why Didn’t He Use Someone Else’s Penis?

Well he could have, and used studies from visual and symptoms of patients who already had this liquid. Some scholars believe that he did use someone else penis but the majority of people do not. I would not put it past a human to do something weird like this, but I would hope he didn’t and did just test others who already had it. However his posted studies are wrong sooo… maybe he was just mad and put a random yellow goo in his penis. Then published the results.

Would You Dare To Bet Your Genitals?

From past experiences, protect your genitals. Don’t test or try anything that’s not safe and tested. Wrap your willy if you’re playing around and don’t do something stupid. It’s good to be cautious of your stuff especially since its our only way to reproduce on this planet currently.

What do you think? Is it a good idea to inject yourself with yellow liquid? Leave your comments bellow.

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Credit: I Fucking Love Science.

Elon Musk’s 20 Billion Dollar Future City.

Elon Musk is set to build a 20 billion dollar future city right in our backyard! Texas is the heart of the USA and the home of “Starbase”, believed to be the future of cities in the United States of America. Supposably, we’re in the future NOW. To fin out if you can live in this future city, read to the end of this article.

What Would the 20 Billion Dollar Future City look like?

Filled with Boring Company robots & Tesla self driving vehicles, it may not look to different than today. Media has shown us what this lifestyle would look like. We are expecting to see robots rolling down the street, making jokes for coins & selling vegan hot dogs.

20 Billion Dollar Future City

Is the 20 Billion Dollar Future City a Real Idea?

Elon Musk certainly thinks so. Space X called the town it might be located in. Next to a town/plant he’s previously built called Boca Chica in Texas. It would be cool to see what Elon builds if he was able to build his own city. Robots saying hello and digital hosts at restaurants.

How Long Would it Take to Build the Future City?

There’s no set date but knowing Elon Musk it will be done pretty quickly. All of Musks projects such as the hyper loop are suddenly built and tested within a seeming small form of time. The information on how it looks feels and smells are in his head somewhere but there’s no official design or timeline.

Can I Move In?

Highly doubt you’d be able to move in. It might be like a military town where the workers for Space X and those who work for the city would be living in the 20 billion dollar future city. Civilians might be able to live there for a fee. I’m sure you’re thinking, “20 billion dollars, everyone should live there.” Not really, with the price of Elon’s tech, 20 billion dollars might not even be enough. 1,000 to 10,000 residents seems like a good estimate.

Regardless of the Fee, Would You Move In?

Besides the fee, I would definitely move in… for a small period of time! Having access to all this tech, the future, right now, who wouldn’t want to live in this 20 billion dollar future city? Leave why you want to or your concerns in the comment section below!

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Credit: Elon Musk Zone.