Scotland to have 100% Renewable Energy.

By 2020’s Climate Summit hosted by Scottland, the country will be 100% renewable.

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This goal sets an example for the world, those becoming renewable. Together we get to build a whole reality that makes a new way to see everything. Trees are being planted by the millions everywhere.

The summit starts Nov 9., that gives Scottland around 8 months to be 100% renewable, and they are well on their way. Every day, all around the world, we as humans are helping reach these goals.

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Renewable energy consists of energy that is obtainable over and over with little to no maintenance. Such as solar or wind energy. These methods are mined once and can last as long as they exist in good working order. Materials need to be mined for repair. That is the only part that needs mining.

Coal is constantly mined for energy. Scottland closed its last coal plant back in 2016. The resource coal helps people in mines catch lung problems and cancers. Though people are paying their homes with coal mines, there is a lot of other methods of making money and energy. Together we get to find new jobs and methods of getting the energy that we need without so much mining.

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Source: Renew Economy.

Filipino Company Make Cups With Pineapple.

Pinyaple, a Filipino company, figured out how to make cups and bags out of pineapple leaves.

Fully compostable, these cups & bags change the game for single-use items. Paper cups, many times, use plastic on the inside to keep the hot liquids from seeping through the container.

A cup that can be composted and still hold hot liquids is a product the eco-friendly community has been waiting for! No trees are cut in the process of these cups & they use less agriculture waste.

Pineapples are already cut for prepackaged pineapple shipped around the world. Once this process is finished we are left with the agricultural waste of the tops. These cups by Pinyaple use the top of the pineapple to make the entire cup.

Drink your coffee and throw your cup in the long term compost bin! Nothing can get easier than that.

Apparently you can regrow pineapple from the top as well. That may be the only downside to this. More pineapples would have to be grown from seed, rather than propagated from the leafy top.

Though these aren’t for sale in the United States, you can support them by talking about this innovative project. Share this link or discuss it with a friend. The point is, the world is changing, and we are figuring out how to make anything out of anything.

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Levi’s New Hemp Fabric Feels Like Cotton.

Big brand Levi partners up with Outerknown to make a hemp fabric that feels like cotton, plus uses fewer chemicals than normal cotton.

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The process also uses less water than conventional cotton. Half the water that is taken to make cotton is used to grow the hemp. Their cottonized hemp fabric also uses fewer pesticides because animals seem to not destroy the plants.

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Levi and Outerknown have invested time and money into creating something new that will impact the world like crazy. In comparison to the world, we live in now, creating a product out of hemp is like having an atomizer. An Atomizer is a device that can create anything out of pure atoms. Basically it is like an epic 3D printer. The point is, hemp can create so many things and can grow like crazy. With hemp, you can practically have resources forever, just like an atomizer.

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Being able to turn a material into, or what feels like, another material is powerful alchemy. Just as now we can get oil and gas from plants, we can make many materials into what feels like other materials.

As humans, we have turned plastic into a fabric called polyester & now we have turned hemp into a fabric that feels like cotton. Personally, I can say humans have done some pretty cool things.

We can grow buildings & live on mars but these are things we have yet to do. So as humans, let’s grow and make so many new things.

Source: Levis

Japanese Village Plants Colored Rice To Make Pictures.

Village of Inakadate, Japan sure is setting big pictures in their town by planting colored rice to make portraits.

Details have increased over the years. Starting from growing the town’s name to now growing detailed battlefields.

The detail of each photo is incredible, coming from that they are from different strains of colored rice. Pictures you can eat after cultivation. At least I hope you can eat it.

Eating this depicting scene of a warrior fighting a dragon sounds like a good idea, but I’m not sure if they use inedible pesticides to keep the pictures vital and vibrant.

Art makes me want to grow my own rice. How much space do you use to grow enough for a family of 8? Our dogs, cats, tortoise, and ourselves. Probably this whole painting for an entire year.

I’m looking forward to providing my family and myself food, but not ending there. Extending the food we are able to make for ourselves to grocery stores and more. Farms for the United States, UI, and Worldwide are goals that I and the team I don’t have yet are determined to make :D.

Sources: My Modern Met, Colossal, Great Big Story

Ireland to plant 440 Million trees.

22 million trees each year for 20 years is a big goal, but Ireland is determined to make it happen.

Prime minister of Ireland posted on twitter, “We want many more trees in Ireland, as part of our plan on climate action. 440 million is a huge number but it’s achievable if all landowners plant just some of their land,”.

As a unit, we are able to do incredible things. With a person, you can plant one tree a day, 365 a year, but with 2 people you can plant 730 a year. Try 100 people, 36,500 trees a year. That is only with one hundred people.. Ireland has 6.1 million citizens. If we used this arbitrary number of 1 tree a day per person, Ireland would plant 2.2 billion trees in one year.

Though the possibility of planting one tree per day is ridiculous, this ideology shows that anything is possible.

Personally we are excited that people all around the world are planting trees. New Zeland, African Countries, Chinese billionaire buying a whole forest in America to keep it natural and so much more.

Thank you planet and it citizens for wanting to help the world live longer and breathe better air.

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China plans to ban all single-use plastics by 2020

Starting off the year strong, China plans to remove all non-biodegradable bags in its major cities by the end of 2020. They state by 2022 all cities and towns will be using biodegradable bags.

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That is not the only thing China has on its mind, by the end of 2020 China also plans to remove all single-use plastic straws inside the restaurant industry.

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Being the number 1 ranked population-dense country in the world has its fair share of waste. Not only is China the most populated country, but they are also the world’s manufacturers. Which means China has plenty of product waste.

How is China dealing with this problem besides removing non-biodegradable plastic bags and straws?

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Dealing with garbage is changing our world. People recently have invented ways to get rid of garbage altogether. They are turning trash into gasoline or even powering a town by burning garbage!

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China, however, is doing other things. One is telling hotels to stop using single-use plastics items. The hotels are given until 2025. Okay, so besides the information stated above, China isn’t really doing anything. Starting is always better than never.

So here is to a good start! Banning single-use nonbiodegradable bags in major cities by 2020! China, thank you, for putting a national cease to the use of dangerous everyday plastics.

If you didn’t know why they are dangerous, just look at these photos.

Source: No Platic Oceans
Source: One Green Planet
Source: One Green Planet

Igloo Creates a Biodegradable Cooler.

Famous cooler company Igloo designed a cooler completely made out of biodegradable material. Called the Recool, this cooler begins to decompose within 3 months. A lot shorter time frame than styrofoam: 500,000 years. That is just an average.

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Money flows whether we care about the environment or not. Who knows where all the styrofoam containers are around the world being disposed of. Maybe they are in the ocean floating or on a beach baking.

The environmental conditions of the styrofoam change how long it takes to biodegrade. More sun with a little water causes it to break down faster, while more water and less sun cause it to stay formed. Either way, it’s far cheaper to know where it is than have to find it later.

photo credit: Igloo/photographer Morgan Rindengan

Recool by Igloo makes that possible. You decided where you dump it. If you want it will be in the backyard. Your Recool purchase would be feeding your environment rather than killing species with styrofoam. Teams will have fewer days of working on the oceans to keep it clean & can focus on other jobs and tasks that the employees care about. Money is saved and used towards other things, some as small as providing nutrients to your garden.

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Biodegradable materials have a shorter shelf life than hard plastics so the reuse on this is not the same as a regular Igloo. If you want to care for your Igloo, keep this purchase for practically ever, buy a regular Igloo. All of their products are reusable, besides their Recool decomposable coolers. You can use the Recool for a while. Air-dry and make sure not to leave water in for more than five days. After 5 days the water retention might break so air drying most likely won’t make it waterproof anymore.

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