Elon Musk Vowed to Get Rid Of All His Possessions.

Last year Mr. Elon Musk vowed to get rid of all is possessions and just listed his last house… then pulled it from the market. Zillow went from “For Sell” on June to “Removed by Owner” September 11. He almost did it! But I wouldn’t have.

Takes a lot of effort to get rid of everything you poses. I couldn’t imagine getting rid of everything! Sentiment has value, and I appreciate that. But something a clean mind and space where you own nothing is important.

Did He Go Against His Vow?

Yeah, he didn’t sell all of his possessions & I think that’s okay. I mean would want to keep it all and own more, just to make things the way I like them. But having a peace of mind to not own or feel attached to anything is powerful. One house out of many. He’s doing more than I would. [I don’t have a house yet so looks whose talking]. Elon’s shoes are big, and with Bezos owning tons of houses, I’m sure Elon’s business own plenty of things.

Why Elon Musk Vowed To Get Rid Of All Possessions.

In May of 2020 Elon tweeted that he would get rid of all houses and sell almost all physical possessions. His reasoning, so he can dedicate all his funds to colonizing mars. Crazy to believe minimalism or peace of mind isn’t really the issue here… its Mars. But good for us because someone has to help humans get off this planet, and as long as he does it sustainably, I’m okay with it. But its not on so many levels. However, we are climbing up steps, from draining the oil and poisoning the sky to contaminating water and leaching battery material into the soil. I’d say we’re progressing in a weird way.

There is no right way to go around living on this planet, but if you have a goal in mind and that goal can help others in some capacity [that doesn’t hurt others physically and emotionally to the point of hurting themselves or others] then go for it! Be the best you can be and sell all your houses besides one. Next time you’ll see Elon Musk Shirtless giving an interview about how he sold everything to colonize Mars.

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El Punta Vegano – A Healthy Vegan Destination

If you love Latin cuisine, then you might have heard about the popular vegan Mexican restaurant El Punta Vegano in Puerto Rico. I was blown away by the amazing vegan food that the owners serve. In my opinion, any good vegan restaurant should offer vegan diners a wide variety of dishes so that they can enjoy a balanced diet. El Punta Vegano definitely falls into this category.

What Makes El Punta Vegano Such A Great Restaurant?

First off, the wonderful selection of delicious plant-based dishes are truly mind-blowing. The vegan menu boasts entrees like Vegan Pizza, Veggie Burgers, & Veggie Tacos just to name a few. There are also several side dishes to compliment your food, such as salsa, papas supreme, and seared quesadillas. 

Is It Vegan?

The unique thing about El Punta Vegano is the lack of animal products used in their cooking. As a matter of fact, you will not find any pork, cows, or chickens in this restaurant. In addition, there are no eggs used in the mix which makes this vegan restaurant not only unique but also healthy. Since this is an all vegan establishment, you may notice that their choices of items are quite varied; and most of the dishes you order will be familiar to you as they are all very common dishes you have probably already enjoyed at other vegan restaurants.

What’s great about El Punta Vegano is that you do not have to choose between being vegan or eating at this restaurant. You can actually choose exactly what you want to eat whether it is Beyond Meat, Mushroom & Lentil, Eggplant, or Bacon Mushroom. This allows you to fully enjoy your meal without feeling guilty about it. You will be sure to find something that you love.

Along with the wonderful food, you can also enjoy some of the other great benefits of a vegan restaurant such as: low calories, high quality, and an excellent choice for a family vacation spot or your own personal place to eat. If you are looking to go to Puerto Rico, this is the perfect choice. The cuisine is unlike anything you will have ever experienced before and it is sure to become your favorite new restaurant. Once you try El Punta Vegano, you will never go back to eating any traditional restaurant again.

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Elon Musk’s 20 Billion Dollar Future City.

Elon Musk is set to build a 20 billion dollar future city right in our backyard! Texas is the heart of the USA and the home of “Starbase”, believed to be the future of cities in the United States of America. Supposably, we’re in the future NOW. To fin out if you can live in this future city, read to the end of this article.

What Would the 20 Billion Dollar Future City look like?

Filled with Boring Company robots & Tesla self driving vehicles, it may not look to different than today. Media has shown us what this lifestyle would look like. We are expecting to see robots rolling down the street, making jokes for coins & selling vegan hot dogs.

20 Billion Dollar Future City

Is the 20 Billion Dollar Future City a Real Idea?

Elon Musk certainly thinks so. Space X called the town it might be located in. Next to a town/plant he’s previously built called Boca Chica in Texas. It would be cool to see what Elon builds if he was able to build his own city. Robots saying hello and digital hosts at restaurants.

How Long Would it Take to Build the Future City?

There’s no set date but knowing Elon Musk it will be done pretty quickly. All of Musks projects such as the hyper loop are suddenly built and tested within a seeming small form of time. The information on how it looks feels and smells are in his head somewhere but there’s no official design or timeline.

Can I Move In?

Highly doubt you’d be able to move in. It might be like a military town where the workers for Space X and those who work for the city would be living in the 20 billion dollar future city. Civilians might be able to live there for a fee. I’m sure you’re thinking, “20 billion dollars, everyone should live there.” Not really, with the price of Elon’s tech, 20 billion dollars might not even be enough. 1,000 to 10,000 residents seems like a good estimate.

Regardless of the Fee, Would You Move In?

Besides the fee, I would definitely move in… for a small period of time! Having access to all this tech, the future, right now, who wouldn’t want to live in this 20 billion dollar future city? Leave why you want to or your concerns in the comment section below!

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Credit: Elon Musk Zone.

Galactic Space Flight Set to Look Like Regular Air Travel

New Galactic space flight method will look very similar to what we are comfortable with. Near gone are the days of going to space in rockets. This method allows us to fly airplanes in Earth atmosphere and in space!

Why Make Galactic Space Flight Look Like Planes & Not Rockets?

Life is funny and we like the familiar. Not only is the familiar nice, but it works and that’s why we use it. Humans would find a hard time imagining rockets flying through the sky plus it might take more energy that a plane. If we can make planes faster, air tight, space safe, we can fly in two elements, air and space, with one device.

How High Can The Galactic Space Flight Plane Go?

The plane is sub-orbital. Meaning it can go just under orbital levels, enough to see space, feel weightlessness, & view the curve of Earth. Being able to do this commercially and help people see and travel Earth in this ways changes our perspectives. Some still haven’t seen the curve of the Earth, and this provides a way for people to see our planet from above for the first time.

Is it a Good Idea to Send People to Suborbital Space?

People have different reactions to different things. Just like rollercoasters, we’ll find out who can and can’t participate in sub-orbital space flight. Until then, there’s a long list of rules on who can be an astronaut, and I’m sure plenty of those will apply.

What’s your Opinion on Galactic Space Flight?

Do you want to go to sub-orbital space? Would you pay $250,000 dollars a ticket or just wait till it’s like $100… I doubt it will ever be $100 but it may feel that way due to inflation in the coming years. Share your opinions in the comment section below!

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Credit: Business Insider.

Can a Gorilla Learn English?

Is it possible to teach a gorilla how to communicate? Yes, gorillas are able to learn sign language. Talk about ‘Planet of the Apes’ 2.0.

unsplash-logoMike Arney

Gorillas are the smartest, buffest, hairy, and 100% planet-based. These creatures don’t eat meat or hunt. They chomp on greens and delectable fruits all day every day.

They can range anywhere from 5 feet to 6 feet tall. Speaking of life span, they live for around half the average human, 35-40 years.

unsplash-logoJohnny Chen

Western gorillas weigh an average of 350 lbs. That’s twice as much as the average human.

Koko, a female western gorilla, learned sign language taught by a human named Francine Patterson. This form of sign language was a modified version and called Gorilla Sign Language.

1996: Dr Francine Patterson plays with her kitty-cat friend and Koko. -Chicago Tribune

She was able to use 1,000 signs in her language & could understand over 2,000 English words. Talk about trippy. Koko practically was human. Scientifically, she is the level of a 3-year-old.

Koko recognized nouns, verbs, and adjectives, even “good” and “fake” which are abstract concepts.

It is widely agreed that she would not use syntax or grammar and that her language use did not surpass that of a small human child.

National Geographic

However, on IQ tests, she scores between 70-90. Some specialists, including Mary Lee Jensvold, suggest that “Koko…[used] language the same way people do”.

Koko passed away on June 19, 2018, at age 46. But her language legacy continues as more and more gorillas are being taught how to sign. Koko was the best of them.

source: Wikipedia.

Why drinking hydrogen water can be good for you!

Drinking hydrogen water has a load of benefits. Hydrogen water looks just like water and is made up of more hydrogen than H20.

What are the benefits of drinking hydrogen water?

Hydrogen gas functions as a strong antioxidant! Even the most cytotoxic and reactive oxygen species have been shown to be protected by hydrogen. Inhalation of H2 gas has also been shown to prevent brain injuries.

unsplash-logoengin akyurt

The hydrogen gas was shown to be highly anti-inflammatory and this was shown in animal experiments. Although we could use further human trials to back up these initial results. Research is extremely promising in patients with rheumatoid arthritis!

As already stated, the effects of hydrogen on patients with rheumatoid arthritis showed a substantial reduction in pain. Such pain relief is due to a decrease in oxidative stress. This is caused by hydrogen gas’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities.

unsplash-logoJeremy Bishop

It has been shown that hydrogen gas greatly protects DNA from radiation and damage. In a world of phones, atomic plants, and an increase in radioactive technologies we could all use a little hydrogen.

How can I get hydrogen?

If you want to get some hydrogen-rich molecules in your body, there’s a pretty cool device that does that. It energizes water and turns it into hydrogen water using electricity! Message us on Facebook & Instagram. Even here on the website to find out more about this amazing device.

source: Jill Carnahan.